1. Urban Fatbiker's Buzzbike

    Urban Fatbiker's Buzzbike

    Friction drive sprocket reduction, lift clutch, Ryobi 30cc. Pull-start or roll-start.
  2. LifeEV

    48v 1200W DIY EBIKE KIT

    Hello my name is Jason from Life Electric Vehicles we’ve put together this kit for riders who are looking for a DIY e-bike kit provided by a reputable an electric bike company with a strong history, USA based customer service and a solid warranty. This kit can turn your bike into an, all-around...
  3. EsQueue

    Second ebike build

    My first ebike build started out as a single gear 700c bike with flippable rear wheel. A 36v front wheel hub kit with throttle and Pedal assist. Oh yeah, and my diy 10s10p battery (100 18650 cells). This was built from 20 hoverboard battery packs and a DIY spot welder made from a free broken...
  4. Sitherus

    DIY Wide Crank

    I looked around for just one side of the wide cranksets to clear my pull start, and found 1 result at mbrebel. It was reviewed on this site, on another thread as being made "dirt cheap". The price was 28 dollars plus 8 for shipping and, that was too high for a piece of metal, so I made my own. I...
  5. greenjon

    2018 Big Brew Day is Saturday May 5

    Make some beer on Big Brew Day, Saturday May 5, 2018! Big Brew Day is the first Saturday in May every year. It's an annual pre-celebration of US National Homebrew Day (May 7 every year).
  6. Baconator101

    Playing with ideas

    I've playing around with some ideas in my head about putting an electric motor powering the front wheel. I know there's kits but that's too easy and too $$$. First it helps to see the motor that piqued my brain. Here it is. Now that you've seen it here was...
  7. N

    DIY tuned induction & exhaust, take 2

    Shoutout to Steve Best for the resonant filter box idea. Undermeath all the Bondo & bullsh*t, that exhaust is pretty well tuned now too ;) seriously, it's almost scary fast now. most of 18-40 mph seems to be something of a power band, & I would be surprised if I'm getting less than 5-7 HP...
  8. N

    Exhaust My Murphy McMonkeyPatcher diy exhaust replacement - effective, ghetto AF, expansion chamber exhaust

    originally I had the voodoo brand I think of banana tube expansion chamber that came w/ the kit I ordered (IIRC i talked the guy into throwing it in cuz I got a aluminium gt frame kit plus a relatively premium engine kit at the same time) but I had problems w/ it not quite fitting, then when i...
  9. N

    dremel multi-max cutting bit: a surprisingly elegant clutch cable lock screw replacement

    I wound & tied the cable thru the little holes in the bit, then once I dialed the setting in correctly & made sure it was secure I sealed it in w/ cyanoacrylate adhesive. This & my air filter (steel sunscreen spray can w/ lots of big holes wrapped in layers of very-fine to medium-fine dress...