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drive sprocket issue

  1. Cloudsie

    Issues with chain alignment

    G’day there, I’m new to this forum and also to the motorised bike community. I am in the process of building my first motorised bike and I ran into problems with aligning the chain to the motor, I have a regular mountain bike and a smaller sized 2 stroke engine. The issue itself is around where...
  2. L

    A Different Mod....

    Hi guys. I've been building my motorized build from the ground up...so to speak. I slapped a 79cc Predator on a 21-speed. I removed the crank, using the bottom bracket to build a jackshaft ( 5/8" shaft 9"L 5/8" presicion bearings [OD 1- 3/8"] meshed int the original ballbearings). NO PEDALING...
  3. frostic

    Drive sprocket too large?

    Hello, I recently got an 80cc engine kit and put it on my cruiser bike. when i tryed to put the chain on i noticed that the drive sprocket DON'T fit the chain. it is a 415 chain and works on another motorized bike without issues. do i have to buy a new drive sprocket? why don't the chain fit? i...