drive sprocket

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    Cutting rag joint in half...?

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post on the forum. I'm working on my first build and finally finished it up but realized my chain alignment was really bad and creating this "popping" noise. The only way I can see to bring the drive sprocket and rear sprocket into alignment is to thin the outer...
  2. J

    Clutch stopped working

    Clutch went out while riding. Now bike free wheels & doesn't go into gear. I read that i may have lost a key, but cant figure out how to get the 10T drive sprocket off to check it
  3. C

    3 speed internal wheel hub durability

    So iv built several bikes now and on this next one iv been thinking about running a jackshaft set up to an internal 3 speed wheel. Im just wondering how durable they are and how well they can stand up to the power abuse? If there is anyone here that has some experience with theses hubs please...