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  1. 2speedboi

    Two speed concept.

    The Two Speed friction drive. I started with an idea to tackle the hills that surrounded where I live. I didn't want to sacrifice good cruising speeds for sub par torqued out low speed climbing, so I built this, with the help of a local machine shop. The lever that brings it back to (D)...
  2. 2speedboi

    New dude, typical questions! Epoxy?

    Hey there, been reading these forums for almost a year, last summer I found a bike bug kit almost new, and had a blast! I couldn’t help but do more research about friction drive and the new stuff is pretty cool, but lacks a little innovation. Not to knock the Stanton kits, they are SIMPLY...
  3. Matt Barrack

    Chain attatched to centre sprocket?

    Ok so on my bike, the chain is connected from the gear on the engine, to the sprocket on the rear wheel. Recently, I've seen pictures of motorized bikes with the chain attached from the engine sprocket to the centre sprocket. Would this gearing result in better performance? I'm aware it looks...