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    About e-bike's motor, what is the difference between 500W and 350W????

    Ready to buy electric bike! And see there are two kinds of motor 500W and 350W in the market! I would like to ask you guys: 1) 500W and 350W, which one is large power consumption in the same gentle road and driving the same speed. 2) 500W and 350W, which one can live longer? 3) After the...
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    I Really need an option about this E Bike

    Hi, I saw a bike on the Internet and it's seems really cool. I want to purchase it but I want more suggestion. Check the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Heyman-Mountain-Electric-Bicycle-Fat-Tire-26-500W-48V-Fork-Suspension-Absorber-/401075803643 Thanks.