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    Just a few if my last ebike/ motorized bike builds one is a Vintage Schwinn Supreme beach cruiser with a 43cc 2 stroke Mitsubishi Encore friction drive motor, another one is my Giant Revel 2, with 48v 1000w motor a Hard V3 with the same components as the Giant then a Schwinn Del Mar With an 80cc mot
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    Touring tires aren't great in the snow
  3. Pablo

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  4. E

    80cc Motorized Bike vs 1000w Ebike

    Hello, I've recently ridden a 80cc motorized bike and loved the acceleration and speed. I've always wanted a ebike though, as it can hopefully keep the cops off my back. I was wondering whether anyone has had experience with both and could tell me whether they're relatively the same. Thank you.
  5. slickdude

    At it again with L.A. City Council.

    The aim here is for the municipality to approve usage of all Bike Paths including Class 1 and also Bike Lanes by regulating them with a maximum posted speed limit. The law would permit usage of both Pedal, EBikes and GBikes regardless of top motor speed and size. All bicycle traffic would be...
  6. slickdude

    The 2015 Choppercabras Wacky Ride

    In Lake Balboa put on by Atomic Cycles, I recorded the event. Lotsa fun, my favorite competition were the big bike "Ghetto Blasters" these guys are zany, whacy and always fun. Free food and drinks (non-alcoholic) for those who want something else, erhmmm, people often visit the bar next door...
  7. slickdude

    North Hollywood Ride

    Late in 2015 before AB1096 passed I wanted to demonstrate that ebikes could safely use bike paths. Was I a bit ahead of my time...err,yes! ;) And so on a beautiful 75 degree day under blue skies I set out. I decided to max it down Balboa to illustrate my fine battery transportation. But when I...
  8. slickdude

    Woodland Hills Ride

    An older ride I am reposting. Unfortunately not in HD, but still a nice ride. This is one of those rides I love and hate. I love riding, hate having to dismount and stop for every crosswalk button on the bike path. I usually make this jaunt west across the valley from Lake Balboa area to Warner...
  9. slickdude

    Lake Balboa 2-16-2016

    My favorite local rides are at the Lake Balboa Complex and the Sepulveda Dam area. I avoid the park more or less and skirt it at times especially on weekends. Probably best to avoid this are on weekends, but during weekdays, not bad. Anyhow on my Papamotor Cruiser with a Ping Battery, almost 4...
  10. slickdude

    Chatsworth Ride 2-20-2016

    This is my modified "Specialized" ebike, that caused the bike shop to kill my lifetime warranty and have fits...ya gotta love em, the "Pedal" bike people. If they think it's bad now, wait till they surrender their precious bike paths to Gbikers (hint, they already are by public proxy ;) ) The...
  11. slickdude

    California AB1096 No More Cycle Analyst or Limiters.

    Bans them as well so you cannot dial a bigger motor smaller. I actually don't see this the way they did it, however Larry Pizzi explained to me they had to seriously negotiate this because there were many interests, hiking groups and bicycle groups in the state that didn't want ebikes on any...