electric bicycle

  1. Julien LONGUEMARE


    Hello everyone I am member of the team Urban Drivestyle in Berlin. We manufacture products of brand UNIMOKE” and more particularly of the electric bicycles than we dispatch through the whole world. We propose the cool look of a auto-cycle vintage at very last technology e-bike! Our selection of...
  2. M

    My favorite eletric bike is seckilling , buying or not?

    Just saw a e-bike make a promotion on amazon and i quite like this bike. My worry is don't know if this price is worth for this bike? I has been hesitating. Limited time is Mar 2nd 4:15pm - 10:15pm (PST), It's going ahead, who could give me a suggestion? Thanks! The link for the bike as...
  3. Cozmik Mezzenger

    ELF Electric Assisted Bike

    I watched this video and was impressed!
  4. Eddie Medley

    12v mini-gen max motor bicycle

    Hi I was thinking of getting the 12 volt mini-gen max for motorized bicycle to put a moorcycle battery on my bike for lights and to have a electric start Using a dirt bike / atv wiring hardness and components on my motorized bicycle, can it be done and how would it be modified? Using this...
  5. Luiz

    Three way Hybrid

    Hello, what do you guys think of a hybrid bicycle that is electric and gas powered, all front wheel drive? Because I'm thinking about building one. I have a 350 watt 24 volt motor and a 25cc edge trimmer All to go on the bike I made. (Profile picture) What y'all say?