electric starter

  1. A

    Centrifugal clutch 49cc

    I’ve been looking for a solid company to buy a 49cc centrifugal clutch engine kit. Any suggestions please leave links or names please also do they have engines with electric start just curious. Drop best bikes to possibly buy to fit the engine thanks
  2. Eddie Medley

    Engine Trouble Magneto/Stator new

    Has any one taken a dirt bike or a moped magneto or stator and put it one any Chinese 2 stroke engine if you or know someone that does know if this is even possible please help why I want to do this to have a enough electricity to charge a 12 volt battery to run lights and possible...
  3. Eddie Medley

    Engine Trouble electric start on 80cc engine

    Hi I am wondering can you get parts or a kit for a 80cc 2 stroke engine to be a electric start, so you can either hook up a key or by a button to turn on a 2 stroke engine please direct me to where i can learn more about this or where i can get a kit or something that be great
  4. S

    Whizzer Pacemaker ii Electric start and/or kick start?

    hey guys, I have a Whizzer Pacemaker ii with the WC1 motor on it, and I was wondering how would I go about taking the ambassador's electric start and alternator system and retrofit it to my pacemaker? on a side note, I can't keep the battery charged, though that might have been the fact that the...
  5. David Bogle

    Has anyone seen a 2 stroke Toro snowblower motor used on a bike?

    Recently I've been thinking about a 2 stroke with electric starter, then I realized that I have an old Toro snowblower that starts with one pull, I decommissioned it last year because the handle has gotten too bent up over its many years of service, its starter stopped working years ago but I'm...