1. danlandberg

    Magneto coil, CDI and magnet rotor

    Any one know about the magnet rotor? Like; what Gauss is needed to create enough voltage/ current through the mag coil for the CDI to work efficiently? According to the posts I have read, my mag and cdi ohm within specs. I realize the cdi might ohm ok but the capacitor might not be doing its...
  2. Pablo

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  3. Matt Barrack

    Killswitch not working

    Just straight up not working. Yesterday it would only work maybe 50% of the time but now it doesn't work at all. Anyone know what to do?
  4. Baconator101

    Playing with ideas

    I've playing around with some ideas in my head about putting an electric motor powering the front wheel. I know there's kits but that's too easy and too $$$. First it helps to see the motor that piqued my brain. Here it is. https://www.ebay.com/itm/172134478559 Now that you've seen it here was...
  5. Eddie Medley

    12v mini-gen max motor bicycle

    Hi I was thinking of getting the 12 volt mini-gen max for motorized bicycle to put a moorcycle battery on my bike for lights and to have a electric start Using a dirt bike / atv wiring hardness and components on my motorized bicycle, can it be done and how would it be modified? Using this...
  6. Eddie Medley

    Engine Trouble electric start on 80cc engine

    Hi I am wondering can you get parts or a kit for a 80cc 2 stroke engine to be a electric start, so you can either hook up a key or by a button to turn on a 2 stroke engine please direct me to where i can learn more about this or where i can get a kit or something that be great
  7. Sitherus

    Another Wont start engine with a twist.

    (SORRY FOR ALL THE READING TO FOLLOW) I picked up a motorized Stinger 66cc motorized bicycle on the side of the road i spoke to the owner to make sure he was throwing it away. It had so much dust on it. He said it had not run in 5 years. I took it home cleaned out the gas tank and carburetor...
  8. CrazyDan

    Generate electricity with "waste" heat

    As we all know, current ways to hook up lights on our bikes without recharging batteries at home robs horsepower to the ground. I present to you the Thermoelectric Power Generator...
  9. Pablo


    No more excuses not to have an electric bike. Well you can make excuses, but I'll just tell some of you guys: You need two or more bikes!! http://www.sickbikeparts.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=231 So right now we are wrestling with getting voltage and other dropdown...