1. Kayson

    4 day newbie

    I've been doing a lot of research on motorized bikes for the past few days and I'm looking to buy the 26" Micargi Stealth fit motorized bike kit. The total in the cart without shipping is around 500 dollars. Bikeberry says that all their bikes carry a weight of 200lbs max. I weight over 200...
  2. Lloyde

    Kill switch

    How it is going Y'all?! I just got back from an overseas deployment and i am trying find out what is wrong with my kill switch. I did everything that i needed to before putting my bike into storage, run the gas out of the carb being the most prevalent on my mind. I got home and knew that i...
  3. The-DMV

    Replacing entire electrical system? Please help.

    I've been getting a very weak spark or no spark at all since I first ran my bike last week. The first time I tried starting it, it ran great for half a mile, and then started to lose power and sputtered out and wouldn't start again. I tested the wires with a meter and I thought the CDI might be...