engine mods

  1. Rin

    Which 2 stroke motor is better ?

    Going to get zio reed and carburetor, expansion chamber, high compression head and high performance cdi, which of these motors will be better for these modifications? https://www.bikeberry.com/flying-horse-66-80cc-epa-approved-black-angle-fire-2-stroke-bicycle-engine-kit.html...
  2. Dr Gonzo

    Stage 3 0r 4 worth it?

    is it worth it to buy a stage 3 or 4 motor kit or is it better to just get a basic kit and throw away the trash parts to upgrade/mod it yourself? how much trash parts do you have in a stage 4 kit compaired to a basic kit?
  3. 6

    What else can be done to maximize sh**ty Chinese engines

    So far I’ve replaced every sh**ty, self stripping nut and bolt I can. I live in the US so finding metric bolts is sometimes a challenge. I reinforced the engine mounts and chain guide and placed make shift rubber shocks between the frame and the engine to stop it from shaking so hard the chain...