engine problem

  1. D

    how do i split my engine to get inside

    my small gear inside my clutch covers shaft is bent or so i think because i turn the sprocket with my ratchet socket and the engine tuns until the small gear gets around to a certain side where it looks to be closer the the big sprocket. can anyone tell me how to access it ?
  2. J

    Bike was running good I was adjusting carb and it died and won’t start help quick!

    Hello so I recently bought a 66cc gas powered bike and I’ve had quite a few problems that I worked out by myself but now I need more help I had the bike running great and I was adjusting the carb cause it idled to high and then it died and now it won’t start and I have no compression I put my...
  3. C

    Engine Trouble fuel/air mixture problem

    So I just got a 2 stroke bike and when I try to start it, it fires a few times and then sputters out. I'm guessing its a problem with the fuel to air ratio but I've tried lots of different choke positions and nothing seems to work. I took apart the carburetor and nothing looked out of place...
  4. S


    So my bike has been running fine for a while. It used to start right away first try but now it won't start at all. When I release the clutch, it sounds like it's going to start but it never fires up. The spark plug is working and there is compression. I am pretty sure it's getting fuel because...
  5. Shleppin

    Help!! Engine problem

    I broke down my engine to replace bearings and go to put it back together and when I tighten up the screws fir the case it makes my crank not move good, like it's rubbing. I loosen screws and it frees up. Please help