1. intrepid

    Did I get cheated?

    My first upload, hello everyone. Some info about my bike, the question in the next paragraph. I had this 80cc kit since the end of the summer so its been a good time now...My engine is black. I wish I got silver cause it would looks so much better, damn! But that's not the purpose of this upload...
  2. Sharif

    Motorized Bicycle power output going on and off (Noise)

    Was going off to work today all happy after I sorted few more things on my bike today all for another issue to arise, but this time worried it may be something serious. Some background info first. Engine is on roughly 300 KMs (+-50KM) . Stock kit NT Carb, no aftermarket parts yet, apart from...
  3. O

    Keep on the lookout for 1E53F 79cc Huasheng Kasei

    It looks like there is a new engine from Kasei to replace the 63cc which is currently the biggest two stroke available for friction drive. It is 79cc and the model number is 1E53F. I still haven't found a place that is selling it. I contacted Huasheng directly to see if they will sell it to me...
  4. C

    Engine has no power after break in

    Hi I have a black 80cc engine that I got off eBay. It’s done a 1000km according to my speedometer at 750km I change the fuel mixture from 16:1 to 20:1 after I did that the engine started bogging I got rid of that by replacing the spark plug. But the engine still has a hard time accelerating...
  5. D

    How would I install this engine? What else would be need part wise

    https://m.harborfreight.com/3-hp-79cc-ohv-horizontal-shaft-gas-engine-epa-69733.html I have a 2 stroke but plan on getting something to install because I'm going to be riding extremely long distances (80miles) what engine would work best for this purpose btw?
  6. M

    Motorized 80cc trike with pedals for bicycle path rules

    So I want to build a tricycle with 80cc 2-stroke engine for about <200Eur and I want it to be considered as a bicycle so i can ride on paths legaly (bc as long as it has pedals ur ok). Now the easiest way of geting pedals would be to put them on the front wheel with freehub but that can get...
  7. J

    Rusty crankshaft

    I recently disassembled my engine, to check everything and I was very disappointed. I used my bike every day, stored in a garage, so that's not the problem. The bearings are dry and the crankshaft started to rust. I'm using 1:30 mixture, Repsol Competition synthetic oil, the cylinder seems well...
  8. RocketJ

    I want to install a suicide clutch on my 79cc predator build

    I love the 1910 era of bikes. Board track racers are my favorite and I plan on revamping my existing BTR build to a more authentic style with a 79cc predator engine and proper clutch system. In addition to the engine swap, I want to try my hand at installing a suicide shift (pulley clutch). As...
  9. T

    Help please motor won't start

    I was on my way to work on my motorized bicycle and the engine just died out of nowhere. I changed the spark plug and put a brand new cdi on and still won't start. Took head off and yeah there's a little carbon buildup but no scoring. Cleaned air filter and checked to make sure there was fuel...
  10. J

    Are there any other 66cc/80cc engines out there or better?

    I'm new to the forum and wish to build a motorized bicycle. I plan on building the 66cc one first, but I have bigger ambitions after that. I looked at a Kohler's SH265 and SH255, I am wondering if it is possible to mount these engines. They have more power, and most importantly, have better...
  11. B


    Wanting to purchase a 2-stroke engine for a cruiser i have laying around at home. Looking for the best bang for my buck, and was looking into THIS kit on ebay. Not looking for something too expensive since it's only a weekend cruiser, just something fun. Any suggestions?
  12. Matt Barrack

    49cc vs 66cc vs 80cc

    What differences do they have? (besides the obvious size difference) How can I tell which one I have? I made a video of my bike running (only need to watch the very end) if you can tell by the sound.
  13. D

    Help please....what size is the engine on this bicycle...

    Any help would be appreciated...engine size and motor model...any info... Thank you
  14. Matt Barrack

    Best motor out there?

    Out of anything people have mounted on a bike, what would be the best in performance? Whether it be 2 stroke kits, 4 stroke kits, chainsaws, you name it. What would you say is the best for speed/power?
  15. M

    mounting engine at an angle?

    I'm planning on setting out to motorize a bike with a 4 stroke engine, but have run into a bit of a problem. I'm very short (5'0" to be exact) and therefore bikes that I can comfortably ride and get myself on and off without difficulty have frames smaller than a standard frame intended for...
  16. M

    New Engine Questions

    Just bought a new 80cc engine online. Bought it from ebay, its a basic 80cc/66cc (Jet) engine. Ill post a link to the engine on ebay. I Was wondering if you guys have any tips for me regarding break in or assembly. I was thinking about breaking in with Opti2 at 100:1 but open to suggestions...
  17. S

    Engine Trouble Will start for less than 5 seconds

    I will start my bike, it will run and keep going slower and slower over 3-5 seconds and get really rough then when I pull the clutch it shut off. What could this be? I just bought it and it's brand new bike. When I got it running, if I pull the clutch or let go of the throttle it will also...
  18. M

    Best place to buy a 66cc engine only

    This old engine has been through a lot. Wanting to buy another one for my set up. I have been looking at the Jet 66cc engine on gasbike. Is gasbike a good seller? Shipping fast? Just to clarify. Im looking for the basic 66cc engine that come in most kits. Unless i can find something better for...
  19. Matt Barrack

    New Throttle Idea.

    My throttle sucks. I cant seem to get it right. Sometimes it's firm and sometimes it's not. Today my friend was taking it for a spin and it went limp and couldn't stop! I'm wondering if this would work; Instead of keeping the twist throttle, what if I put the throttle cable on a brake lever and...
  20. Matt Barrack

    Engine Trouble Bike won't run...

    So I started up the bike. Gave it speed, let go of the clutch, hit the throttle. Then the throttle became very limp. Then it wouldn't run when I started it and then it died. And on top of that now the throttle is limp and won't do anything. Anybody know what to do?