1. Y

    Hello do you think this is a good deal??

  2. Murkle

    An idea most of you will reject... (maybe)

    Well, I've got this idea... Two smaller engines. Now hear me out, while you can have one, 66 or 80cc engine in your bike, frame mounted, this costs a lot. My idea is to use two 35 or 40cc engines. These are cheaper, and much more available (I'm talking lawn and forestry equipment)... Ehh...
  3. libranskeptic

    cheesy first ford v8 documentary that may have its moments for some here

    the gauges, tolerances, processes, checks etc on ford cars in the thirties. ~"fourteen ten thousandths of an inch". They actually said that in full. how cumbersome, aye? how it was done back then. Attachments area Preview YouTube video 1932 - The Invention of the Ford V8 Engine 1932 -...
  4. ezrider

    Newer vs Older Engines

    Just curious to know if newer straight out of the box engines sound differently then one thats already broken with a couple hundred miles on it.