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  1. D

    Cheap expansion chamber available in Australia

    Hi, I'm looking for an expansion chamber for my 49cc china kit. At the moment I have the eBay banana pipe but I'm looking for something more for a decent price available in Australia. Side note, I have done a few things to my bike and I am in the process of doing more. I have done the; Banana...
  2. Matt Barrack

    Extending exaust pipe ideas?

    Aftermarket pipes don't fit on by bike due to my frame. I found a piece of pipe that sounds great when I put it up to the pipe that's already on my bike. But, it is just a pipe. I need to find a way to attach it on to the rest of the exaust. Do I hust weld it? Or is there another way? Thanks...
  3. Nahom

    Help! I tightenend a nut too much and now the threads snapped!

    This is the two threads sticking out of the engine which screw into the exhaust pipe. Everytime I rode it the exhaust would jiggle around and one of the nuts would keep coming loose- so I decided to tighten it but this time way too far- and now the story is as title says- what the hell do I do...
  4. Cozmik Mezzenger

    Prepping For Wrapping

    I am finally ready to wrap my exhaust. I have a 1" B&S replacement muffler, a piece of pipe and a header. I will wrap up to the muffler. I am going to use 1" wide wrap. What am I missing?
  5. Cozmik Mezzenger

    79cc running

  6. Shleppin


    Looking to order exaust/expansion chamber for 2 stroke. Looking for what would be better. How much louder than are they than stock pipe.