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  1. O

    Plz Help. Need to make my bike faster and better

    I built my bike about a month or 2 ago. Here's basically my setup: Bike: Roadmaster Granite Peak from walmart Kit: Flying horse silver angle fire ($130) Carb: Hp Sprocket: 36t (hub mounted) Max speed:33mph on flat road I am using pretty much all that came with the engine kit except for the carb...
  2. D

    Cheap expansion chamber available in Australia

    Hi, I'm looking for an expansion chamber for my 49cc china kit. At the moment I have the eBay banana pipe but I'm looking for something more for a decent price available in Australia. Side note, I have done a few things to my bike and I am in the process of doing more. I have done the; Banana...
  3. inspectorcritic

    For those who want more power and speed from their machines.

    But I talk to an expert on exhaust for some like me who lives above 4000 feet use a gradual expansion exhaust, yepp thats what the an said.