fat tire

  1. IMG_2523


    Build from 2016. Custom frame, tank, customized leaf spring fork, Honda gx160 with electric starter, and 4" wide rims
  2. slump

    Fat tire predator 212 build w/ electric starter and mag rims

    Lots of work into this build for shiny side up 2017 and is a late post but I finally got some time to put it up here. As for the build : I custom made the fat tire bike frame from customizing a mongoose fat tire bike. I customized a girvin linkage fork by widening it out to fit 4" rim and had to...
  3. IMG_4671


    Latest build - custom frame , predator 212cc with electric starter, fat tire mag rims, customized girvin forks, fender headlight cowl
  4. Kayson

    4 day newbie

    I've been doing a lot of research on motorized bikes for the past few days and I'm looking to buy the 26" Micargi Stealth fit motorized bike kit. The total in the cart without shipping is around 500 dollars. Bikeberry says that all their bikes carry a weight of 200lbs max. I weight over 200...
  5. Eddie Medley

    bending steel bike frame

    I know there a way to bend steel, but I need to know what is best way to do it because i ask for my a cruiser bike frame has a two inch tire and 3 inch of clearance but i want to have a 3 inch fat tire to 4 inch fat tire depending how much i can bend the steel. I want at least 1/2 inch...
  6. J

    Fat tire on stock 26" Beach Cruiser?

    Hey all, i'm looking to update my rear single speed tire to a fat tire to maybe 26"x3" but am unsure if it would fit and where to actually get them. I can only find front tires or you have to build your own from scratch which in all honesty seems to cost a fortune from the sites I have found...