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  1. Building A Motorized From A Dolomite

    Building A Motorized From A Dolomite

    I may be needing some help along the way. Glad to see some Dolomite builders here ahead of me. I bought a Wildcat PK 80 that should arrive in a few days. I look forward to pestering you all with questions. XD
  2. JimmyNibbles77

    First Build - Tips/Pointers

    Hey guys! I'm starting my first build here in the hobby of motorized bicycles and I'm looking for any tips/pointers/things to look out for before I start the build. I'm putting an 80cc two stroke with a jackshaft kit on a GT Aggressor mountain bike. I grabbed the jackshaft kit for my bike so I...
  3. L

    First build: no idle, no power, no throttle

    Hi everyone, I am BEYOND frustrated with my motorized bike. I finished assembling my bike yesterday and it starts - but just barely. I peddle up to about 5-10 mph and release the clutch to engage the motor. The motor engages but there is absolutely no power whatsoever. There is also no idle -...
  4. L

    Cutting rag joint in half...?

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post on the forum. I'm working on my first build and finally finished it up but realized my chain alignment was really bad and creating this "popping" noise. The only way I can see to bring the drive sprocket and rear sprocket into alignment is to thin the outer...
  5. B

    A bike for finding tarantula and snakes.

    Hey guys, I live in a town called Surprise Arizona, its a far northwest suburb of Phoenix. From my house I can drive 10 minutes (in a car) and be into the desert. I currently only have a car and I'm looking to build a bike that I could take down dirt roads to look for snakes and tarantula to...
  6. M

    Carby Engine will run but won’t idle

    I have just made my first build and my bike will run but won’t idle
  7. Sharif

    New to motorised bikes (Hello! & little help)

    So at the time of purchasing the 2 stroke kit for my bike I really didn't know what I was getting myself into until spending the last 2 weeks putting it together and dealing with one issue after another. I realised there is a lot for me to learn and I should have hopped on to the forums before...
  8. A

    first bike build i need insight thanks

    Hi I'm getting ready to build my first bike for me and my son in Michigan this will be his Christmas gift. I need some good insight I've read many post. I've found good bikes at Walmart if you know better I'm listening, now it's time to ask the experts. I would like to use a centrifugal cluth...
  9. briheen k

    My first build.

    Videos coming soon. Briheen
  10. Tom can

    Hi I’m Tom Can from Connecticut

    I am planning on building a OCC Schwinn stingray haven’t decided yet on a two or four stroke motor this will be my first build . Doing my research and taking it slow right now But can’t wait to get going.
  11. S

    i did it guys!

    After weeks of frustration and banging my head on the work bench i finally did it! Got my first build under my belt! One major lesson learned, pick a frame with normal size tubing. modifying the mounts to fit the fat tubes on this bike was a major pain in the ass, but damn this thing is fun to...
  12. J

    Are there any other 66cc/80cc engines out there or better?

    I'm new to the forum and wish to build a motorized bicycle. I plan on building the 66cc one first, but I have bigger ambitions after that. I looked at a Kohler's SH265 and SH255, I am wondering if it is possible to mount these engines. They have more power, and most importantly, have better...
  13. T

    New Member/ First Build Mountain Bike!!

    Howdy! I've been stalking the forums for a couple days now and I figured I'd probably just go on ahead and introduce myself. I'm currently an avid mountain biker and I love it but I have noticed that my body has a limit and that's no fun when I am peddling to the trails and then pedaling back...
  14. B

    Experienced builder requesting advice constructing first 4 stroke trike

    Happy Tuesday fellow enthusiasts and riders! I come to you guys feeling overwhelmed today in desperate need of advice on my project. My current workspace consists of a 50cc, 4 stroke kit and a fully assembled Schwinn tricycle. My current issue is deciding on sprocket mounting location and...
  15. O

    Motor bike newbie...took my first ride today!

    Ok - Hello small motor enthusiasts. I bought an 80cc(?) motor kit on amazon, and installed it on my huffy 15 speed road/mountain bike. The throttle cable was 12"-16" too long, and to boot, the end in the handle broke off on the first ride. Apparently I have an adjustment off because the motor...
  16. A

    Motorized Bicycles Laws and Registration California

    Hi, I couldnt really get help elsewhere but i thought this would be a good start to a definite answer. Im 19 and soon plan to purchase a bike and install a motor kit onto it. It will be a 2 stroke 66cc/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit capable of 3.85 horsepower. I plan to install this on a 29" Genesis...
  17. S

    Motorizing a Worksman Trike

    (Repost from a wrong forum section/after reading forum rules oops) 'Allo there! I recently picked up a 20"x2.10 single speed Workmans folding tricycle (An older version of this, presumably) for like, almost nothing. Front disc brake, but instead of the horizontal pinching caliper, it's a...
  18. kmarcetjr

    Started building the bike

    Well today I started the build, not much really, first I put puncture resistant tire liners in the tires, then I mounted my little collapsible basket on my handlebars, then I started on the actual build. I mounted the sprocket on the wheel as per the instructions sent with the kit. I said to...
  19. J

    Huffy Nel Lusso Safe?

    So, I intend on building a huffy nel lusso my first motorized bike. But, it has coaster brakes though I do intend to put on a hand front brake. With all i've read about coaster brakes, would it be dangerous to have a coaster break ( with the hand brake) or do you think it would be fine to have...
  20. kmarcetjr

    Who to buy a kit from?

    Setting customer service issues aside, is there one seller that has a better quality basic build kit than some other sellers. I figure I can spend up to about $225 on a basic build kit, bikeberry seems to have pretty good ratings from what I have read. Are their kits better or worse than others...