flying horse

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    My 80 cc project bike
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    My 80 cc project bike
  3. M

    Engine Trouble Flying Horse Bullet Train Mystery Problem

    So I get on my bike to leave work, start it and let it warm up, and drive out of the parking lot all with no problems. I pull out and sit at a stop light, make a turn, and start on my way home and- out of nowhere, my motor seems to stop driving my bike! I had to push it a couple miles home. It's...
  4. R

    49cc frame recommendations?

    hello i own a flying horse 142f engine and i was wondering if anyone has ever used this frame? Mainly just looking for different frames for my...
  5. M

    PA laws?

    Hey guys, I just ordered an engine for my first build. I ordered the 66/80cc flying horse from bikeberry (mainly because the state has my license for the next two years). So I was wondering what kind of road laws anyone can tell me regarding this size engine on the streets. Any and all info is a...
  6. WildWillis

    Perfect bike that will fit: Flying Horse Bullet Train Electric Start Engine

    Hello, I have been looking at the Flying Horse Bullet Train Electric Start Engine and hope to buy it soon. I need to find a bike that will fit all of the components: My budget for the bike is about $300 plus...