four stroke

  1. B

    A bike for finding tarantula and snakes.

    Hey guys, I live in a town called Surprise Arizona, its a far northwest suburb of Phoenix. From my house I can drive 10 minutes (in a car) and be into the desert. I currently only have a car and I'm looking to build a bike that I could take down dirt roads to look for snakes and tarantula to...
  2. panmines

    Did I ever show you all how clean my 212cc predator build came together?

    About a year ago I needed to build a tough off roader bike in order to support my true passion hobby of exploring abandoned mines, many of which have derelict roads/paths leading to them perfect for motorized biking. My goal was to create a simple and lightweight off-road bike with lots of...
  3. Gotdam47

    79cc Predator Build Questions

    Hi there, I am planning to build a 79cc bike, but I am confused about where I should begin to get parts. I know that sells a kit, but I have heard and seen terrible reviews of their shipping and customer service policies, and how their jackshafts and transmissions always seem to...
  4. T

    Any suggestions on a reputable site to buy a four stroke motorized bicycle kit

    So I've just already gone through a second blown two stroke motor and I'm tired of the headaches they keep causing me so I'm trying to find a four stroke motor kit for my bicycle but I want to get it from a good site. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I found one I kinda like on kings...
  5. Beachragz

    What is the best 4 stroke engine?

    I would like feedback from experienced users, on which brand/model of 4 stroke engine is the most user friendly and best running?