1. Dr Gonzo

    Rear suspension frame

    what do you guys think about using this frame to make a full suspension motorized trail bike? or...
  2. R

    49cc frame recommendations?

    hello i own a flying horse 142f engine and i was wondering if anyone has ever used this frame? Mainly just looking for different frames for my...
  3. KingBones

    KMB GT vs Gasbike GT frames

    Which frame should I buy for my next build? I want to go legit with it and get a frame with a built in gas tank and mounts for a 66cc two stroke but im still on a budget. Which one would be stronger, cheaper to build, etc ? Don't worry, im not buying from thanks for any help ;)
  4. StreetLethal

    My New MotorBike

    Just finished this build last night. Got the frame Friday.
  5. StreetLethal

    This frame weighs only 5lbs.

    I bought this frame today was surprised at how light weight and well built this frame is. I'm not sure who makes this frame because previous owner got this in a storage locker he bought at auction. Paid only $50. Going to use this frame on a new build.
  6. Sitherus

    In frame tank Felt (gasbike) vs skyhawk frame

    Hi everyone I would love some help deciding on a frame. this is what I'm having trouble deciding. There are two frame designs (that aren't chopper).One is upright, round, and and has a more narrow wheel base. The other is more low (in my opinion more aggressive), square, and has a more stretched...
  7. R

    Custom Bike frame

    Wanted to post this on here since I haven't been getting much interest on other sites. I have an old Columbia bike that's been stretched about 6 inches and has a motor plate for a 5hp Briggs engine, but will fit others. Basically a blank slate, just the frame, wheels, and seat. The back wheel...
  8. Captaintomford

    Putting a motor on a Raleigh folding bike. Can it be done?

    So I am new to all of this and decided to ask the experts their opinion before I spend any money on this project. I have a Raleigh folding bike (pictured below) and I want to put a motor on it. I have no preferences on motors other than I'd like to use a gas motor. I did find a motor I was...
  9. Kihidokid

    Changing a bike frame to fit an engine

    So i want to ad an engine but i think ill have to cut the top bar and weld another one and have it look like a mountain bike... Any help guys?? And yes i know those prices are outrageous, i already k ow where im getting the parts those are jist for reference but that is my bike
  10. cmb271

    Bolt together frame?

    I maybe trying to reinvent the wheel right now but when it comes to frames do the they have to be welded, I've always wanted a motorized bicycle that had a more of a cruiser look to it and while a beach cruiser comes close I wonder what if you where to drop the bottom bar where the engine mounts...