1. Frankenstein.jpg


    Newest build not finished with custom hand painted flames and base paint. Still a work in progress.... It's a bit of a's a 26 inch beach cruiser frame a 27.5 inch front suspension forks.a 24inch rear wheel and a 27.5 inch front wheel no crank attached to pedals so no brakes really
  2. Will'smotobikes19

    Inline twin 132cc 2 stroke

    Hey guys I had another idea in the area of frankenstein engines, take 2 regular 66cc jugs and make a new crankcase and crank from a homemade mold based on the regular crankcase only wider and meant for 2 cylinders, therefore having a 132cc monster! or even use the 48cc cylinders that would be...

    she wants to go faster,

    Okay here's the deal, fat intake air leak 6 set with copper gasket sealer works great. Still takes about 10 minutes to warm up before the idle wants to go down on its own, HOWEVER, If I tap kill switch a couple times it brings the idle down. " Is that the G-Spot?" Sorry wrong form. (Dear...

    carby stuck o full throtle????

    I finally got my muffler set, I was running too rich WAY TOO RICH! so I brought the pin to the top position. and it still is at full throttle it just started doing this> I checking it all cable, barrel is going up and down properly everything is snug not leaking? idunno? the only thing I haven't...