friction drive

  1. Y

    Friction Drive with Predator 79cc Or Other motor? Need help form the pros =)

    Hello there, I am new to gasoline powered bikes, Years ago i built a Lithium brushless, but got out of it. I just want to cruse on a motorized bike, simply and not get too involved. Speed doesn't matter just a little engine roar, ill be pedaling the whole time as well with it. System must be 4...
  2. S

    Off-road Motorized Biking

    Over the summer, I am going to make a motorized bike from this fat bike frame I plan on using this bike for off-roading and mountain biking (will be doing heavy riding), as well as just riding around the city. Thus, I am...
  3. rear view steel roller.jpg

    rear view steel roller.jpg

    Urban Buzzbike rear view 2 1/4" drive roller
  4. front view.jpg

    front view.jpg

    Urban Buzzbike front view
  5. Urban Fatbiker's Buzzbike

    Urban Fatbiker's Buzzbike

    Friction drive sprocket reduction, lift clutch, Ryobi 30cc. Pull-start or roll-start.
  6. Buzzbike front view

    Buzzbike front view

    Ryobi CS30 sprocket reduction friction drive with toggle clutch; DIY exhaust with screw-in silencer. Handlebar view.
  7. Buzzbike drive side

    Buzzbike drive side

    Ryobi CS30 sprocket reduction friction drive with toggle clutch; DIY exhaust with screw-in silencer. Sprocket side. Throttle operated by friction shifter mounted by right handgrip.
  8. Buzzbike clutch side view

    Buzzbike clutch side view

    Ryobi CS30 sprocket reduction friction drive with toggle clutch; DIY exhaust with screw-in silencer. Clutch cable visible from this side operated by brake lever.
  9. A

    7 speed weedwacker bike

    Hi everyone, I’m starting to work on a new friction drive weedwacker bike with a unique feature. I am adapting a rear cassette assembly to make it a 7 speed MB, allowing me to have a large amount of control over the gear ratio! I will post more info soon if you guys are interested!
  10. T

    Bikeberry recumbent trike friction

    I got my kit today from Bikeberry. It's the 49cc four stroke friction drive. It took me about 5 hours today to install it on my recumbent trike and I made a custom mount out of some fence thin wall gavinized pipe. I thought it came out pretty nice. I might go ahead and level up the friction...
  11. S

    Front racks?

    I just bought my first motorized bike, a friction drive Trek. I would need a front rack if I dont just settle on a backpack, how adversely would this affect the handling and/or ride of my bike? I was looking at the Thule pack and pedal with the tote, maybe pannier.
  12. MBikeRider

    For Sale $55 Used Staton Inc. Friction Drive 1" Roller / 76mm Clutch Rotor / 78mm Clutch Drum

    Hello, I have a used Staton Inc friction drive for sale. It's missing a few small nuts and bolts and has a few holes drilled on top for the gas tank mount, but is otherwise the full kit. PM if interested. Reason for Selling: Used it for a hard 6 months, but my 49cc HS 142 engine broke from over...
  13. sadarahu

    Staton Kit installation

    I just purchased new Staton Kit. Honda GX35 + mount. After first 30min ride I hear rattling sound when moving bike forward. When the roller is lifter and I move it by hand I can hear it as well. There is only one position (in 360 deg) when I hear the click, but when I move the bike with the...
  14. corey123

    Friction Drive Bike question Need help!!

    Hey guy's ...just got a friction gas bike the other day.....the cable thingy snapped on the back ...will post a pic...anybody know what this connects too..i know this sound's dumb but i have no clue about these bikes...need to try and re connect the cable...thanks
  15. kmarcetjr

    Possible changing form 2 stroke to 4 stroke. Questions

    I posted a couple days ago about issues with my 2 stroke set up and some one suggested I consider 4 strokes. I did a little surfing and found that my frame is not large enough (4 stoke needs about 8 & 1/2 by 9 & 1/2 ?) My frame is just short of that. So my only option with this frame is a rear...