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  1. 2speedboi

    Two speed concept.

    The Two Speed friction drive. I started with an idea to tackle the hills that surrounded where I live. I didn't want to sacrifice good cruising speeds for sub par torqued out low speed climbing, so I built this, with the help of a local machine shop. The lever that brings it back to (D)...
  2. 2speedboi

    New dude, typical questions! Epoxy?

    Hey there, been reading these forums for almost a year, last summer I found a bike bug kit almost new, and had a blast! I couldn’t help but do more research about friction drive and the new stuff is pretty cool, but lacks a little innovation. Not to knock the Stanton kits, they are SIMPLY...
  3. Steven song

    What are my best options?

    Hey guys. I'm steven from orange county and I just bought this awesome bike and I was thinking about motorizing it. Can you guys tell me on what some of my options are? I want to have a direct drive to the sprockets (if it's possible) but idk how to do it with this frame.