full supension

  1. Gotdam47

    Chain Tensioner Need Help With GT Lts Full Suspension Chain Issues

    Hi all, I have just finished constructing a full suspension motorized bike on a gt lts frame. I have been using one spring tensioner attached to the frame and one stock tensioner pushing up on the chain. The chain loses tension quite rapidly whenever weight is put on the bike. I cannot...
  2. Dr Gonzo

    Rear suspension frame

    what do you guys think about using this frame to make a full suspension motorized trail bike? https://www.ebay.com/itm/GT-LTS-2-vintage-full-suspension-MTB-frame-19-Large-Awesome-anodized-red/332604571583?hash=item4d70c6ffbf:g:LHUAAOSwtNdav0w7 or...
  3. C

    My motoped Frankenstein

    So ive been reading these forums for years for insight into my builds( ive done 6 or 7 66cc 2 strokes) but i have had more issues than i care to think about. Mostly needle bearing failure, and a couple stripped crank studs. So ive been debating a four stroke build like a 79cc predator but for...