full supension

  1. Dr Gonzo

    Rear suspension frame

    what do you guys think about using this frame to make a full suspension motorized trail bike? https://www.ebay.com/itm/GT-LTS-2-vintage-full-suspension-MTB-frame-19-Large-Awesome-anodized-red/332604571583?hash=item4d70c6ffbf:g:LHUAAOSwtNdav0w7 or...
  2. C

    My motoped Frankenstein

    So ive been reading these forums for years for insight into my builds( ive done 6 or 7 66cc 2 strokes) but i have had more issues than i care to think about. Mostly needle bearing failure, and a couple stripped crank studs. So ive been debating a four stroke build like a 79cc predator but for...