gas motor

  1. H

    Seeking purchasing advice.

    I'm looking for what is effectively a "Car replacement" motorized bike. I have an E-bike that I built but my batteries died in storage from the winter cold (oops) and I don't want to spend a grand on new batteries. I plan on using the electric motor for a recumbent trike in the future anyway so...
  2. G

    29er with motor???

    So I'm trying to build my first motorized bike. I have a generic motor that I got off eBay and I've been looking for a bike for awhile. My friend is willing to sell me their bike for a good price BUT it's a 29" beach cruiser. Specifically, a men's Huffy Millennial. Is it possible to mount the...
  3. Captaintomford

    Putting a motor on a Raleigh folding bike. Can it be done?

    So I am new to all of this and decided to ask the experts their opinion before I spend any money on this project. I have a Raleigh folding bike (pictured below) and I want to put a motor on it. I have no preferences on motors other than I'd like to use a gas motor. I did find a motor I was...