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  1. Vendedda

    Anybody here good at the maths?

    Hey yall, im new to these bikes and need some help with gas ratio. For convenience, i would like to carry in my backpack a 6.4oz bottle of 2 stroke oil mix, so when i fill up at a gas station, i can pour in the mix and keep riding. NOTE: 6.4oz oil mix to 2.5 GALLONS of gasoline = 50:1 ratio...
  2. Sitherus

    over posted oil question with a twist

    have I been mixing my gas wrong the whole time? I just read that its 16:1 for break in and 32:1 after, the manual states its 16 parts gas to 1 part oil, but i always thought it was 16 parts oil to 1 gallon of gas I just started to break in a new build and im running 32:1 because I thought that...
  3. A

    Gas leak from exhaust and clutch cover

    I'm getting tired with these motors. Every week I face a new issue, today my engine had started to leak gas from the exhaust. I was so frustrated It was working fine yesterday running 20:1. It had rained overnight tho. I went to see if the clutch was the issue and when I pulled off the clutch...
  4. C

    What is the fuel oil ratio to run E85 in a 2 stroke bike motor?

    I want to run my bike on E85 but idk what the fuel oil ratio to run it with.
  5. Matt Barrack

    Exhaust More leaks...

    I got a leak from the exhaust. Oil is coming out of the seem on the bottom. Or the top of the part that comes off when you unbolt it.
  6. Matt Barrack

    Fuel Ratio

    So I bought a 2 stroke engine from a store and on the ad it said tbe break in ratio is 10:1 but everywhere else I see selling them it says break in is 16:1. Should I just go with their ratio because it's the only place I found with a different ratio.
  7. Calvin

    Question About Oil.

    Hey everyone! I am about to start my first build, and wanna treat my engine right. So, what oil do you guys use in your 2-strokes? I have heard good things about AMSoil. Do they make good oil? Also, would this be a wise option...
  8. Baconator101

    The 2-stroke assembly.

    I apologize in advance as this is not a general question. But I thought you folks might a enjoy a glimpse of the making of that thing between your legs. I may be speaking outta my arse here, but I believe these engines were superior to the quality available now.
  9. Baconator101

    Cheapest Aluminum Gas Tanks

    Has any one found any decently priced Auxiliary Metal gas tanks for their MBs? ive found a few but the price is just too high in respect to what the tanks gas capacity is. Im not willing to pay $99 for a half-gallon cap. tank. This tank has had me on the verge of clicking the "add to cart"...
  10. cmb271

    Oil and fuel mixing carburetor?

    This question plays into a bigger question I've been pondering all day at work on "what would the most technologically advanced 2-stroke motorized bicycle look like". Does a carburetor currently exist that mixes the oil and gas for you and all you simply do is select the ratio you'd like to run...
  11. J

    Fuel economy and float questions

    Hey all, been having a strange issue and I think it has to do with either my ignition, fuel lines, or float height or even all 3. I havent been able to tell yet by pulling off the bowl but I think my engine is consuming more fuel than my lines have been able to pull from the tank and it suddenly...
  12. J

    A word of advice on Moped Gas tanks...

    The stock fuel petcock and gascap fit PERFECTLY with the old top load gas tanks from the 70-80's style mopeds. I just fitted a 1976 malaguti 1.25 gallon tank to my Modena GT 2 and used the old 80cc stock tank's petcock and cap and it worked absolutely perfect and sealed up without a leak to be...
  13. JakeBayCity

    Bike starts then dies out

    I pedlle fast drop clutch and bike wont continie???
  14. D

    Leaking carb

    Hello everyone. My name is Dillon and I just finished my build. The bike has a 142f 49cc Huasheng 4 stroke on it. the carb is the one that comes stock with the kits. Still in break in phase and I haven't pushed the bike much more than half throttle the whole time. On the third day, after 4 miles...
  15. Eddiesilverbullet

    Gas octane?

    Does anyone know if it really makes a difference what kind of gas you use to enhance performance?
  16. Captaintomford

    Putting a motor on a Raleigh folding bike. Can it be done?

    So I am new to all of this and decided to ask the experts their opinion before I spend any money on this project. I have a Raleigh folding bike (pictured below) and I want to put a motor on it. I have no preferences on motors other than I'd like to use a gas motor. I did find a motor I was...