1. crank_addict_760

    brand new PHATMOTO engine ceased after 2 miles.... replacement ideas/advise

    I recently purchased the matte black 2020 Phatmoto rover 79.5cc 4 stroke bike from only ran into a couple small issues at first. like the connecter that connects the kill switch to the engine was two different sizes. the female was way too big for the male connector, luckily i had i...


  3. Robert Bianchi

    Dyno results! Zeda Mafia always #1

    Check out our YouTube videos for more info about engines on the market cool tips on what works and what doesn’t. Also Check our Facebook group. ZEDA MAFIA MOTORIZED BICYCLE CLUB. 6,000 active members and growing.
  4. Robert Bianchi


    We have took the stock cdi and put it up against the HD lightening cdi and found out some funny things! Check out the YouTube video. You’d be amazed if the results! Pure dyno action. Join our Facebook group at Zeda mafia motorized bicycle club. Check out store out at
  5. KingBones

    KMB GT vs Gasbike GT frames

    Which frame should I buy for my next build? I want to go legit with it and get a frame with a built in gas tank and mounts for a 66cc two stroke but im still on a budget. Which one would be stronger, cheaper to build, etc ? Don't worry, im not buying from thanks for any help ;)
  6. corey123

    Friction Drive Bike question Need help!!

    Hey guy's ...just got a friction gas bike the other day.....the cable thingy snapped on the back ...will post a pic...anybody know what this connects too..i know this sound's dumb but i have no clue about these bikes...need to try and re connect the cable...thanks
  7. Roadmaster Paint job

    Roadmaster Paint job

    Dark olive bed armor on a roadmaster granite peak bike.
  8. Continue Skyhawk review part 2

    Continue Skyhawk review part 2

    2. An important thing to note when getting some of these engine is pieces of loose styrofoam getting into the engine. The engine I brought was covered in tiny pieces and I was fortunate that nothing got inside.
  9. 66cc Skyhawk GTA5

    66cc Skyhawk GTA5

    1. Shipping was pretty fast I ordered the engine on May 24 for 169 dollars with free shipping. I got it on Wednesday May 31. It's estimated arrival was June 1 so it got here early. None of the parts were missing, it does smell like it's been used. It did not come with an instructions manual.
  10. Unboxing the Roadmaster GranitePeak

    Unboxing the Roadmaster GranitePeak

    I originally brought this bike already assembled by Wal-Mart for 78 dollars plus tax. Within the first 24 hours, the bike wouldn't shift down into first gear. One the second day the handle bars slipped. I read reviews about it being a good bike so I returned it and decided to assemble it myself.
  11. Baconator101

    Gasbikes 66cc 12v Generator in action

    Here is a short vid of the infamous 12v Generator from gasbikedotnet. The project is not complete and I honestly am not even sure in which direction I will go next. Just taking my time with this 12v system. More info in video details.
  12. J

    Fuel economy and float questions

    Hey all, been having a strange issue and I think it has to do with either my ignition, fuel lines, or float height or even all 3. I havent been able to tell yet by pulling off the bowl but I think my engine is consuming more fuel than my lines have been able to pull from the tank and it suddenly...
  13. Sitherus

    In frame tank Felt (gasbike) vs skyhawk frame

    Hi everyone I would love some help deciding on a frame. this is what I'm having trouble deciding. There are two frame designs (that aren't chopper).One is upright, round, and and has a more narrow wheel base. The other is more low (in my opinion more aggressive), square, and has a more stretched...