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  1. Sharif

    Keep Magneto Safe from elements

    A better title would be keeping the whole engine safe from the elements in particular rain and snow. So the other day I was getting any spark, assumed it was just me not placing the spark plug properly on a ground, but it turned out to be actually dead. Took my cover off the next day all...
  2. Matt Barrack

    Engine Trouble Multiple engine problems.

    I have come across a few problems. The bike currently runs fine but there are a few things that worry me. 1. The engine is spewing oil. It is coming out of at least 2 places. The first one I noticed is out of the exhaust gasket. It drips a little. The second and probably more serious part is it...
  3. DuctTapedGoat

    Arctic Silver + Head Gasket

    I am gonna do it. One thin layer on both sides. What do you think is gonna happen?
  4. The-DMV

    How do I get these engine bolts off??

    This is my first build, and I bought this engine second hand off craigslist. The guy said that it had never been run, but I'm wondering how I get these head bolts off. It's an upgraded head, but how did he even get it on there?
  5. DuctTapedGoat


    So I'm out riding Thursday and I feel a loss in compression, felt like an immediate drop in performance 50%. So I finish the ride home and check: Seals appear fine. Gaskets appear fine. Rings appear fine. Now it won't start. What else could cause a drop in compression, when I roll the bike...
  6. B

    New bike

    I just built a MTB from a Schwinn swindler and a California motorized bikes motor, the carb was bad and had to be replaced. It idles right but when I am riding at low speeds the engine is really rough until I get it up to speed. Is this normal ? Also my cylinder crank has a oil leak and the...
  7. ezrider

    Permatex Gasket Maker

    Anyone ever use the Permatex Ultra Copper Gasket Maker as a substitute for the muffler flange gasket ? Seems you apply the substance, screw on the muffler, and let it cure overnight.