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    give it gas and it dies

    hi I have a 49 cc hausheng and it just started not getting power it will start and idle great but the second I give it gas it acts as if the choke is still on someone please help thank you
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    are they compatible

    hi i have been looking for an Ignition Coil Module Part For HUASHENG 142F 49CC Motor Bike and the ones i find are a lil out of my price range i found DWCX New Spark Plug + Ignition Coil for 49cc 2 Stroke Engine my question is since mine is a 4 stroke will they be compatible
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    29er with motor???

    So I'm trying to build my first motorized bike. I have a generic motor that I got off eBay and I've been looking for a bike for awhile. My friend is willing to sell me their bike for a good price BUT it's a 29" beach cruiser. Specifically, a men's Huffy Millennial. Is it possible to mount the...
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    4-Stroke Engine 49cc Ignition Cdi Coil For 142Fg And 142F – 1G

    i am needing a new cdi and the origional one for my motor is about 60.oo kinda high or me right now I was wondering if it's possible to use a different kind my motor is a huasheng 49cc 4-Stroke Engine 49cc Ignition Cdi Coil For 142Fg And 142F – 1G
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    Proper gapping

    I am wondering if there is a specific gap size that goes between the cdi and the magneto any info would be great full. Thank you