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  1. Giant Suede 1.jpg

    Giant Suede 1.jpg

    This is my Giant Suede build with a BBR 80cc engine.
  2. Axl Myk

    Giant Suede build.

    My first build was an unknown brand and size motor on a Walmart Thruster frame basket case. I learned a lot doing a total rebuild on it. While building and running the first bike, I had been eying my Giant Suede forward pedal bike. My wife and I bought a pair several years ago. I ordered a...
  3. Screenshot_20200402-103238.png


    Just a few if my last ebike/ motorized bike builds one is a Vintage Schwinn Supreme beach cruiser with a 43cc 2 stroke Mitsubishi Encore friction drive motor, another one is my Giant Revel 2, with 48v 1000w motor a Hard V3 with the same components as the Giant then a Schwinn Del Mar With an 80cc mot