1. Degoragon

    Clutch (help!) SkyHawk GT5 Stubborn clutch removal

    I have a Grubee Skyhawk GT5 2 stroke engine on my bike. Recently, I had a rear wheel bearing let loose on my motorized bike, sending the wheel into the frame. Afterwards, I noticed that the clutch will jam in a particular spot, so I suspect it is bent. I ordered a new clutch, and now, I am...
  2. The Beast Evolves

    The Beast Evolves

    New Additions: Sleeved Zeda80 case reed engine, AMP Reasearch F3 XC fork, SOMA double kick stand
  3. P


    Hi guys, so i started the MB adventure years ago, went away for a bit and came back last summer. bought a SBP shift kit for my old Skyhawk kit from 2011. it worked great, but the engine just had problems and wouldn't really give me all i needed. i took it apart after things being broken and...
  4. Pablo

    Grubee Freewheel Crank Assembly Freewheel crank assembly to be used with the Grubee 4G 1BMS drive system. This kit will get you there. Developed in cooperation with Grubee using our mature Shifter Kit technology. Comes with chainrings, hardware, freewheel adapter...
  5. D


    Hi there. I'm mounting a grubee skyhawk 66cc gt5a on a early 60s schwinn jaguar. I lost my job and Im just a teenager so I really don't have that much cash to spend right now and I'd like to know what cheap performance modifications I can make to my bike to increase the acceleration and top...
  6. burrus

    Going with this Specialized Crossroads

    Just picked this up for a song on CL. ($100) I've had a new Grubee Skyhawk 66cc kit sitting for over a month waiting to find the right bike. Wanted to go with something with a front suspension to sooth out that ride a bit. (2 past back surgeries). Also needed something big, as I'm 6'3" and...
  7. K

    Carburetor Positioning?

    I have a 66ccSquareHead Grubee Skyhawk engine that I am currently installing on a bike, and have come across my first hiccup. The carburetor air intakes hits the seat post, however it could fit if I turned it an angle (about 15-20 degrees). Would the carburetor still function properly if I did so?