1. N

    Is my bike motorizable

    I have carraro crp690 and i wonder if it is motorizable. here the link of bike. It has hydraulic disc brake and 26 inch wheeles. Frame size is 18inch.
  2. RIZ


    Hello all, I've made a terrible newbie mistake and purchased a GT frame from Gas pain Bikes. Now I can't figure out what headset and crankset will fit the frame. GB's info sucks so bad that I can't find the info I need to make the correct purchase. Can anyone be kind enough to help me out...
  3. J

    Choke does nothing, can't find vacuum leak...

    So I will preface this question by saying that I have had a lot go wrong with my bike lately and there may be multiple issues at play here... So the problem that I am having is that the motor is idling high and when I start unscrewing the idle adjust screw, once I pass a certain point it goes...
  4. B

    Performance loss .... HELP !!!

    So it all started when a screw for my exhaust broke inside the cylinder I tried to remove it every way possible, sadly it didn't work. I then got a replacement one online, when installing it I tightened it to much to the point that the cylinder head cracked. Unaware I tried to ride it and ended...
  5. Y

    Hello do you think this is a good deal??
  6. P2skater1

    Leaner vs Richer Setting On Carb

    My spark plug has black residue on it, which means I'm running my carb to rich, correct? And if so, I'm going to adjust it to make it leaner. Is a leaner mixture going to decrease my bikes performance though? Or will it stay the same/increase?.
  7. P2skater1

    Break In Back Wheel is Extremely Hard to Move

    Hey, I just finished building my first motor bike and I have some problems. First off, the Back Wheel doesn't free spin when I engage the clutch. It is extremely hard to pedal and takes all my body weight (140lbs) to push down the pedals while pedaling. Once it starts up, it accelerates to...
  8. L

    Break In Back Wheel Is Extremely Hard To Spin

    Hey, I just built my bike and have some problems. When I engage the clutch, my Back Wheel doesnt free spin, and is incredibly hard to pedal. I have to stand up on the pedals and pedal with all my strength to get the bike moving while holding the clutch down. Then once the bike starts, it gets to...
  9. StreetDemonCustomCycles

    Pop, then lost most compression won't start now HELP

    Okay so I took my old engine that had been sitting under my house for around a month, the engine wouldn't start and I had a spare so I put it on and just left the old one, when recently I decided to see if I could get the other one going. It wouldn't start so I ended up riding WOT down a huge...
  10. T

    Help please motor won't start

    I was on my way to work on my motorized bicycle and the engine just died out of nowhere. I changed the spark plug and put a brand new cdi on and still won't start. Took head off and yeah there's a little carbon buildup but no scoring. Cleaned air filter and checked to make sure there was fuel...
  11. J

    Motor exploded in smoke?

    I've had my bike up and motorized for a few months now and have probably around 400 or so miles on it. While I was getting ready to ride it today, I made it about a block away from my house and the stock muffler broke off of its pipe. I figured no big deal and picked it up and dropped it back...
  12. keagan

    Internals for a new motor

    Hey its keagan so todays question is what is the best inturnals i could for a 66cc motor ive got a gt90 clone kit and was going to swap my guts from my gt5 into this motor but then this happened So now I'm in the need of internals for my hole new motor I have found This but it looks nothing...
  13. keagan

    Gt90 build help and tips

    Hello! I'm Keagan and I own a GT5 motorized bike I'm wanting to upgrade it and I bought gt90 conversion kit and wanted to get a new frame with a built in gas tank with front spring mounts the only one I have found this one. I don't want to spend over 500 on the frame as that's already quite a...
  14. C

    I need advice on building a commuter bike

    I've been riding a cheap walmart bike to and from work for about a month now, and i want to upgrade to a nice 4 stroke bike to help me out. 1. Can a cheap bike withstand the rigors of a friction drive 4 stroke? (Bike in question is the roadmaster granite peak bike, and the motor is the lock n...
  15. S

    Engine Trouble Will start for less than 5 seconds

    I will start my bike, it will run and keep going slower and slower over 3-5 seconds and get really rough then when I pull the clutch it shut off. What could this be? I just bought it and it's brand new bike. When I got it running, if I pull the clutch or let go of the throttle it will also...
  16. corey123

    Friction Drive Bike question Need help!!

    Hey guy's ...just got a friction gas bike the other day.....the cable thingy snapped on the back ...will post a pic...anybody know what this connects too..i know this sound's dumb but i have no clue about these bikes...need to try and re connect the cable...thanks
  17. S


    So my bike has been running fine for a while. It used to start right away first try but now it won't start at all. When I release the clutch, it sounds like it's going to start but it never fires up. The spark plug is working and there is compression. I am pretty sure it's getting fuel because...
  18. Calvin

    What's In Your Repair Kit?

    Hey Everyone, I just finished my first build and it's so much fun. However, I have already had to do some minor repairs and maintenance. So what do you guys bring on the road with you when you go on a long ride? I want to be able to do as many on-the-road repairs as possible. What are the key...
  19. Calvin

    Question About Oil.

    Hey everyone! I am about to start my first build, and wanna treat my engine right. So, what oil do you guys use in your 2-strokes? I have heard good things about AMSoil. Do they make good oil? Also, would this be a wise option...
  20. Calvin

    About to start my first build. What should I know ahead of time?

    Hey everyone! I am a male highschool student and was just faced with the horrible reality of car insurance prices. After seeing the prices, I decided I needed another way to get around town. After looking around at different motorized bike kits, I bought this one...