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high compression head

  1. Clats97

    GT5 round cylinder head question

    I have a GT5 pro racing that's for parts, I took off the cylinder head and measured the combustion chamber. It was 5cc. Can I throw this on my Skyhawk GT5A and will it improve the compression etc? Someone told me the GT5 head is apparently NOT high compression and will make me lose a lot of...
  2. G

    High compression head causes clutch to slip.

    I bought myself a BBR tuning stage 3 engine. It comes with a high compression head, but it doesnt allow me to use it because the clutch slips whenever i install the head. I can use the stock head, but my clutch doesnt have enough grip to start my engine with extra compression. I've tried...
  3. jaguar

    warning regarding high compression heads

    According to this paper http://www.bridgestonemotorcycle.com/documents/oilpremix6.pdf the maximum safe cylinder head temperature is 425 to 450 degrees farenheit. When I was testing my own high compression head with squish band the temperature got up to 425 degrees. That was with only 155psi...