1. Degoragon

    Wheels Bought new 26" freewheel for bike. Sprocket Adapter will not fit. (too big)

    Well, My Kulana has been now one problem after another, including a recent incident that bent the rear wheel, sending it into the frame. I'm done with it for now. it's a bit small for me anyways. I'm taking the motor off, and placing it on another bike. Looking for a replacement, I went to...
  2. slickdude

    North Hollywood Ride

    Late in 2015 before AB1096 passed I wanted to demonstrate that ebikes could safely use bike paths. Was I a bit ahead of my time...err,yes! ;) And so on a beautiful 75 degree day under blue skies I set out. I decided to max it down Balboa to illustrate my fine battery transportation. But when I...