1. O

    Keep on the lookout for 1E53F 79cc Huasheng Kasei

    It looks like there is a new engine from Kasei to replace the 63cc which is currently the biggest two stroke available for friction drive. It is 79cc and the model number is 1E53F. I still haven't found a place that is selling it. I contacted Huasheng directly to see if they will sell it to me...
  2. greenjon

    Breaking in an HS142F (49cc)

    Have any tips on breaking in the HuaSheng 142F?
  3. greenjon

    HuaSheng 142F 49cc dies when I release gas throttle [solved]

    Today I got my project bike up and running. I'm using the HuaSheng 142F 49cc with a shift kit on a 7-speed. It starts fine, grabs the clutch fine, and hauls me down the road fine. But when I release the throttle the engine dies. Is this somehow part of breaking the engine in, or is something...
  4. motormike777

    Ghost Racer 7G cut off while riding

    Hi i'm new here. Thank you for reading. Help is greatly appreciated. My motor bike has cut off on me while riding in 22 degree weather and won't start up again. I've had the kit for 1 1/2 years or so and this is the first breakdown. I'm sure i'm due for another oil change... it had been a bit...
  5. R

    49cc frame recommendations?

    hello i own a flying horse 142f engine and i was wondering if anyone has ever used this frame? Mainly just looking for different frames for my...
  6. R

    142 engine feels like it's going slow

    I'm new to building motorbicycles and had my 142hs for a few months now, ever since I got it to run it feels like it's going pretty slow. It will usually not go above 20 and at top speed it bucks slightly and the acceleration doesn't sound right. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  7. D

    Huasheng 142f problems

    I have a a brand new huasheng 142f and it's completely stock besides the gas tank. I had to remove the stock one because it was rusty on the inside which clogged the carburetor. I replaced the tank with a pit bike tank. I cleaned the carburetor with carb cleaner and put it back on. After that I...
  8. D

    Leaking carb

    Hello everyone. My name is Dillon and I just finished my build. The bike has a 142f 49cc Huasheng 4 stroke on it. the carb is the one that comes stock with the kits. Still in break in phase and I haven't pushed the bike much more than half throttle the whole time. On the third day, after 4 miles...