1. M

    Jesse James chopper build update

    It’s been a while since I last posted, but I’ve made some new additions to the mini chopper. I welded a kickstand to the engine mount and added a wrench to the bottom of it for a better footing. Welded some pedals to my already existing foot pegs to allow a wider stance while riding. Welded some...
  2. 79cc Build

    79cc Build

    A little progress.
  3. 79cc Build

    79cc Build

  4. G

    29er with motor???

    So I'm trying to build my first motorized bike. I have a generic motor that I got off eBay and I've been looking for a bike for awhile. My friend is willing to sell me their bike for a good price BUT it's a 29" beach cruiser. Specifically, a men's Huffy Millennial. Is it possible to mount the...
  5. Baconator101

    Gasbikes 66cc 12v Generator in action

    Here is a short vid of the infamous 12v Generator from gasbikedotnet. The project is not complete and I honestly am not even sure in which direction I will go next. Just taking my time with this 12v system. More info in video details.
  6. CrazyDan

    My Huffy Cranbrook

    It is about time I posted my ride. It's been a long time coming. Only the engine, throttle, rear rim, clutch and exhaust were bought new. The rest are used or dumpster finds. Yes, she's a jalopy but she runs.
  7. L

    Question: Wheel Compatibility with Cruiser

    *Disclosure*- I am a motorized bike noob. I started on my 80cc kit a couple days ago. I am mounting the kit on a Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser ($80 at walmart. I originally wanted to build this as cheaply as possible.) I started by trying to put on the new sprocket but an overtightened nut gave me...