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hybrid gas ebike

  1. libranskeptic

    Suggested street legal petrol bike if they are banned, as in OZ (for rural folk to go to town).

    Basically the idea is a range unlimited hybrid petrol/electric bike, but the petrol component can be easily and demonstrably disabled for when the cops are about (in town?). e.g. removing a chain or disengaging the friction drive and having a cold engine if pulled over. "I only use petrol round...
  2. libranskeptic

    Please consider and discuss, hybrid motorised bikes, its not as silly as it sounds

    1/ legal issues affect many of us re petrol bikes. Laws are often largely honored in the breach, but why push your luck? 2/ low torque petrol power is a pain to start and for stop go work (as are chain drives) 3/ electric range issues ~go away with a regen capable motor and controller 4/...