ignition problem

  1. Sitherus

    Engine Trouble engine sounds like its gonna start but doesnt

    Last year I built this engine. I replaced the magneto and installed it backwards. When i corrected it it has yet to start. Here's what its doing. - It has spark, It has compression, it has gas and I mixed 1 standard small bottle of 2 cycle oil with 1 gallon of gas. the carburetor is getting air...
  2. Caleb Allen

    Engine Trouble **!! MY BIKE WONT START !!**

    I have been given a motorised bike to fix and got it running perfectly, then I come back 4 days later of not riding it and the bike was really hard to start and then stopped working. So I tested the spark on the top of the cylinder head and had no luck. I brought a new magneto, a new cdi and a...