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jack shaft

  1. S

    Jackshaft Using what you got.

    This is a very special build to me it's the chopper I never got to own you might say. The motor is a 66cc china doll. Its new and still has to broke in. The bike is a gas tank frame. GTA2. Frame only weighs 8lbs before I started adding everything. Rear wheel is a 26" x 3". front wheel as of now...
  2. 20200503_094039.jpg


    Diamondback build. Pullstart motor out of mini pocket rocket. Crank used as jackshaft disc brakes 21 speeds.
  3. Sitherus

    jack shaft brakes

    Hey guys, I have a build I've been working on for 3 years. The frame is a felt iron bolt, it can only take coaster brakes. I am using the SBP shift kit with the 5/8 shaft. Do you think this https://www.ebay.com/itm/162274101135 would work? Or would it brake the jackshaft?
  4. RocketJ

    4hp cruiser progress

  5. greenjon

    Fito Modena GT-2 / 49cc 4G T Belt / SBP shift kit

    Fito Modena GT-2 7-speed bike (Ebay) 49cc 4-stroke HS142F with 80-tooth 4G gear (bicycle-engines.com) Shift Kit (Sick Bike Parts) Heavy Duty Clutch (Staton-inc) 2.4 gallon fuel tank (Ebay) Double kickstand (Amazon) Suspension seatpost (donor bike) Less clownish handlebars (donor bike) Digital...
  6. RocketJ

    Jackshaft Need help building 3hp Briggs Jack shaft

    I plan on installing a jack shaft and suicide shifter on my bike. I was offered an old 3hp Briggs motor, which is fantastic, except for the fact that the crank case has no mounting holes, which makes a torque converter unusable for the build. Instead I've decided to go with a home made...
  7. Sitherus

    Jackshaft Not maintaining enough to get up hills

    So it goes, I lose 10% power from the jackshaft because of gearing. Im having trouble maintaining my speed. I live in roanoke va, an you'd have a hard time finding a flat spot to ride. plus im using my bike for work. When im going fast down a hill and come to an uphill, I lose all power and...
  8. J

    66cc fito jackshaft street cafe

    Because I'm too lazy to repost all the pics and info heres a copy of the craigslist add: https://westernmass.craigslist.org/mcy/5911031367.html Trying to upgrade to a project motorcycle and I've already sunk too much time and money into this this guy. Extremely fun work commuter though!
  9. J

    Jackshaft Ebay Jackshafts?

    I found a jackshaft on Fleabay for around 90 dollars and it looks like it's one of the older SBP kits that they discontinued. Any experience anyone? Also wondering if I got this and the HD freewheel (assuming compatibility) if it's just a cheaper solution to the jackshaft money issue...
  10. Luybaton

    Dirt bike muffler VS trick buster

    Want to know what u guys think is the best muffler for top end speed post links to show me what u think if possible guys thanks
  11. Cozmik Mezzenger

    Jackshaft Sprocket Fun

    Okay, I got a jackshaft from gasbike and the 9 tooth aluminum sprocket crumpled. So I need to replace it. I only have about 15 miles on it. But anyway they say: " Comes with: a) 79cc Transmission plate with complete sprocket and shaft assembly (Sprocket = 22T and 9T) b) 11 tooth, #415...
  12. Nanonevol

    Jackshaft Better than Jackshafting?

    Imagining a design for transmission from a left side output motor (China Girls, etc) to a freewheeling sprocket on the left side of the bottom bracket. This would require a bottom bracket with basically two axles - sprockets on both sides connected and freewheeling on a central pedal crank...