1. Luybaton

    Dirt bike muffler VS trick buster

    Want to know what u guys think is the best muffler for top end speed post links to show me what u think if possible guys thanks
  2. Luybaton

    Screw suggestions

    My screw tore out of my mag rim and broke off inside got new ones now any suggestions on tougher screw?
  3. Luybaton

    Clutch sticking and the gas will only go on low throttle.

    First the clutch is sticking idk what I should do with that yet but it will be running fine when all the sudden it will gradually slow down will only let me hit the gas on low throttle so when I finally pull on it it just barks and dies slowly

    Clutch engaged clutch. then loose 1/2 my rpm at full speed?throttle.

    When clutch is disengaged my motor screams! Once I let IT out I start off slow (because I have a 30 tooth sprocket. Still,,,,, when I reach top speed I'm only. At around 1/2 of full RPM??? Too small a sprocket?

    carby stuck o full throtle????

    I finally got my muffler set, I was running too rich WAY TOO RICH! so I brought the pin to the top position. and it still is at full throttle it just started doing this> I checking it all cable, barrel is going up and down properly everything is snug not leaking? idunno? the only thing I haven't...