jetting carb

  1. Sitherus

    Engine Bogs Down Under Load.

    My bike only cold starts with starter fluid. I found this engine on the side of the road originally and so far i've replaced all mechanical, electrical parts, and gaskets except piston head and its rings. I have 2 rt carbs 1 walbro carb and 1 delarto all of them do the same thing. When I get on...
  2. R

    What type of Jet do I need? CVK Carb

    To start off, I am a complete n00b to this forum, and to 4 stroke scooter engines, as well as modding. I do, however, have a good understanding of mechanics, the way engines work, and have worked on other motorized projects before. My uncle recently gave me his Wildfire WFH50-S2 scooter...
  3. Hello Moto!

    Jetting my HP carb

    I just wanted to share how much better my bike runs after replacing the main jet in my HP carb or Dellorto clone..whatever ya call it. I don't know what size comes in these factory but after a lot of trial and error I have come to rest on a .64mm size main. The difference this has made is...