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kill switch

  1. xspade17x

    Trike wont accelerate

    So I got the bike running but now my throttle wont accelerate the bike. I think I have it setup wrong. This is my first one. Also how do I wire the kill switch that's built into the throttle when it doesn't reach?
  2. motormike777

    79cc Pred No start.

    Got the bike put together. No start. I'm afraid I could have messed up the timing when I removed the governor. ... Basically I was spinning the motor and the cam gear was lifted up enough to not spin the drive gear... I aligned the timing marks not really knowing how long that gear was...
  3. B

    Hooking Battery Charger & Lights to White Wire

    I bought this battery charger for a lighting system that supposedly draws power from your white wire to charge a battery, to then power the lights. I've hooked it up properly to my engine, but as soon as I connect the main wire for the battery charger to my white magneto wire, the engine dies...
  4. Sara S

    Kill switch stuck on

    I was riding my bike earlier and my kill switch engaged and is now stuck in that position. So now everything is locked up. Can't ride at all :( Any Ideas? Pic of it is normal just showing my switch.
  5. S

    Engine Trouble Kill switch

    I just got this motorized bike and it has been working fine. I never used the kill switch until today. It did its job and killed the engine. I can peddle the bike but I can not get the engine to re engage. I don't know if I am missing something? The engine is a 66/80cc- 2 cycle...
  6. Lloyde

    Kill switch

    How it is going Y'all?! I just got back from an overseas deployment and i am trying find out what is wrong with my kill switch. I did everything that i needed to before putting my bike into storage, run the gas out of the carb being the most prevalent on my mind. I got home and knew that i...