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  1. Vendedda

    A few questions from a new Builder...

    So I purchased an older used 2 stroke bike from a guy. First time ever riding one of these things, and sooo much fun 👍😁 Worked pretty good for a while, but now its having some issues. So I decided to try to build one on my own for the first time brand new. Ordered an 80cc PK80 off Amazon. A...
  2. IMG_20190420_095932810_HDR.jpg


    4 stroke ebay kit
  3. I

    help me with my 2stroke kit

    I'm new to this so bear with me. I have a 2 stroke kit on one of my mountain bikes and when I first set it up I did not know the threads on the front mounts were removable and I had to use the universal adapter thing so I let the threads sit on the front bar. eventually they shaped off and left...
  4. Sitherus

    Sprockets CNC Hub Adapter Between Sizes

    I used my calipers to measure my hub/axle the part between the spokes where the CNC adapter fits. It measured 1.273 inches or 32.35mm I cant find any hub adapters that fit. What size would be right for me? I need to use to 3 point adapter like this one.
  5. Matt Barrack

    Chainsaw VS Kit Engine

    So I got an old chainsaw that works very good. I also have a motoried bike with an engine from one of the kits you can buy. Would the chainsaw engine work better than the one from the kit? I know I made a thread like this earlier but this is more specific to my build. The current engine is a...
  6. B

    Experienced builder requesting advice constructing first 4 stroke trike

    Happy Tuesday fellow enthusiasts and riders! I come to you guys feeling overwhelmed today in desperate need of advice on my project. My current workspace consists of a 50cc, 4 stroke kit and a fully assembled Schwinn tricycle. My current issue is deciding on sprocket mounting location and...
  7. Superzeke2015

    New to MB, Help picking an Engine Kit

    So I recently bought a Mongoose R5726WM8. I was wanting to buy a kit to motorize it with but I'm not sure which one to buy or if the one gear shift/Gear Set-up it has will be a problem. It's on the back wheel which you usually replace the gears for anyways right? Basically I'm wanting advice on...
  8. fasjake

    i need opinions on a kit....

    I was looking at the gt6 pro racing kit on gasbikes. Looks snazzy, but i am a complete newbie to the hobby so im not quite sure what to look for. Any opinions or comments about the kit would be appreciated. Also open to suggestions of other kits.
  9. Pablo


    No more excuses not to have an electric bike. Well you can make excuses, but I'll just tell some of you guys: You need two or more bikes!! http://www.sickbikeparts.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=231 So right now we are wrestling with getting voltage and other dropdown...