1. K

    Motorized Bike Laws aren't strict in Chicago.

    From my own experience, the police don't care about motorized bicycles in the suburbs of Chicago. Most laws in Illinois say anything over 49cc without a pedal assist and over 20mph is considered a moped. I'm 14 without a license or any sort of registration in hand.. even better, I drive around a...
  2. M

    PA laws?

    Hey guys, I just ordered an engine for my first build. I ordered the 66/80cc flying horse from bikeberry (mainly because the state has my license for the next two years). So I was wondering what kind of road laws anyone can tell me regarding this size engine on the streets. Any and all info is a...
  3. A

    Motorized Bicycles Laws and Registration California

    Hi, I couldnt really get help elsewhere but i thought this would be a good start to a definite answer. Im 19 and soon plan to purchase a bike and install a motor kit onto it. It will be a 2 stroke 66cc/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit capable of 3.85 horsepower. I plan to install this on a 29" Genesis...
  4. S

    MOPED Question in nj PLEASE HELP

    I want to buy my 15 year old son a moped and so many different people and websites are telling me different rules. My main questions are what is the max moped CC, does the moped need to have pedals and do you need to take a road and written test in NJ? Thanks for the help, Sam
  5. libranskeptic

    Suggested street legal petrol bike if they are banned, as in OZ (for rural folk to go to town).

    Basically the idea is a range unlimited hybrid petrol/electric bike, but the petrol component can be easily and demonstrably disabled for when the cops are about (in town?). e.g. removing a chain or disengaging the friction drive and having a cold engine if pulled over. "I only use petrol round...