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  1. A

    Gas leak from exhaust and clutch cover

    I'm getting tired with these motors. Every week I face a new issue, today my engine had started to leak gas from the exhaust. I was so frustrated It was working fine yesterday running 20:1. It had rained overnight tho. I went to see if the clutch was the issue and when I pulled off the clutch...
  2. Sitherus

    eBay carburetor air leak proof?

    I bought a carburetor on eBay because my delarto sha clone was making me lose power. This carburetor is supposed to be better. I bought it and it said 3 day shipping, it took 2 weeks to arrive and came in a smashed box with a cracked air filter housing. When I put it on the bike it turns on...
  3. Matt Barrack

    Engine Trouble Multiple engine problems.

    I have come across a few problems. The bike currently runs fine but there are a few things that worry me. 1. The engine is spewing oil. It is coming out of at least 2 places. The first one I noticed is out of the exhaust gasket. It drips a little. The second and probably more serious part is it...
  4. B

    Engine Trouble Mr Smith

    First all hello. I'm a brand new motorized bike ower. I have a two-stroke mounted to my Trek frame. I have been fixed everything I can on it and have now tackled performance. I bought it used so I don't have any history on the bike other than what I have learned that was wrong with it after I...
  5. Matt Barrack

    Exhaust More leaks...

    I got a leak from the exhaust. Oil is coming out of the seem on the bottom. Or the top of the part that comes off when you unbolt it.
  6. Matt Barrack

    Exhaust Oil leaks...

    I've got oil leaking from the exhaust (where the gasket is) and the cylinder head. Is this a problem?
  7. Matt Barrack

    My petcock is useless

    Whether it is on or off, fuel goes through. I can run my bike in the off position. So because of this, fuel can freely go through when the engine is off and I can't do anything about it. Will this hurt my bike or is it fine?
  8. Matt Barrack

    Carb Leaking

    I just filled my bike with gas for the first time. I was priming it and then after a few pumps, fuel started coming out from the primer and from under the air intake. Anybody know what is going on? This is my first project and I know how engines work but I'm no specialist. Thanks in advance. :)
  9. kmarcetjr

    Odd petcock issue

    I've posted about my leaking petcock, I think I have figured out the issue, I think it's machined wrong internally. When It's shut off it seems to be "off" however if I turn it to the left or right of off, if I turn it all the way to the stop the valve seems to leak, however if I just turn it...
  10. O

    high rev/ air leak

    so ive had my motorized bike for about 5 months, and it used to run perfectly, but recently i replaced the brake lever from a standard, to a double lever on the same handle. i dont know how this would change anything, but after that it runs really weak and take a long time to rev down. i cant...
  11. Sitherus

    How do i check for leaks if i cant idle

    Hi Im new as of this second to this site though i have been on browsing in the background learning as much as i can for some time now I have an engine that wont idle. It must have an air leak but i dont know where. I know i need a spray bottle and run the engine to look for leaks but the only...