1. K

    Motorized Bike Laws aren't strict in Chicago.

    From my own experience, the police don't care about motorized bicycles in the suburbs of Chicago. Most laws in Illinois say anything over 49cc without a pedal assist and over 20mph is considered a moped. I'm 14 without a license or any sort of registration in hand.. even better, I drive around a...
  2. A

    Motorized Bicycles Laws and Registration California

    Hi, I couldnt really get help elsewhere but i thought this would be a good start to a definite answer. Im 19 and soon plan to purchase a bike and install a motor kit onto it. It will be a 2 stroke 66cc/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit capable of 3.85 horsepower. I plan to install this on a 29" Genesis...
  3. ezrider

    Motorized Bicyclist Bust: Can this happen to YOU ?

    "Part of his personal renaissance was acquiring some means of transportation so he had a chance of getting to a job and generally getting around. With all of the other forms of personal motorized transport barred because of his license situation, Burns built a motorized bike and thought he was...