1. lukecanna

    Loving my new build! (The Redback)

    Hi everyone, This motor has around 1000km on it but I have decided to out it on this new 29" bike which has from suspension forks. The build is very clean with red led lights and a key ignition (wires in tubes and a box show in photos) Have a look at it here...
  2. RocketJ

    Looking for: 4/5hp motor & shimono coaster brake

    I live in the capitol district of new york if anyone has any of these parts. As far as an engine, preferably an old briggs or predator.
  3. B

    Hooking Battery Charger & Lights to White Wire

    I bought this battery charger for a lighting system that supposedly draws power from your white wire to charge a battery, to then power the lights. I've hooked it up properly to my engine, but as soon as I connect the main wire for the battery charger to my white magneto wire, the engine dies...
  4. V

    For Sale - Custom Motorized Bike

    This is a fully custom Motorized bicycle. It has a pitbike engine with custom jack shaft assembly to pedal while engine is in neutral. Has full brake lights, turn signals, head light, and running lights in rear. Also has battery ..full custom exhaust, gas tank, everything really is custom on...
  5. Frankenstein

    9v lighting system solution.

    So there are plenty of 6 and 12 volt lighting systems out there but rarely I see a 9 volt system being used, which is odd since many 12v light strips can be used on a 9v without major issue, and 9v batteries are rather easy to get and have pretty good amounts of power to offer for the compact...
  6. inspectorcritic

    Friction Light Generator ...?

    Just got in from eBay friction light generator suppose to be 12 volt 6 watt piece of Shanghai sh*t again unless I have a bad ground not enough lumens to see to ride at night unless someone knows what the problem is. They must of never have sold one to a bicycle or they would have seen a major...
  7. CrazyDan

    Generate electricity with "waste" heat

    As we all know, current ways to hook up lights on our bikes without recharging batteries at home robs horsepower to the ground. I present to you the Thermoelectric Power Generator...