long distance

  1. Sharif

    Long distance trips on motorized bicycles

    Was wondering what are the limitations for these little 2 stroke china girl engines? Like overheating for example? should I take breaks? Recently been planning on this 12km ride to the DMV in the next city, was wondering if I should take the bus or ride my bike? It's only recently my bike...
  2. Khamsin

    Motorized bike Trip?

    Hey there fellas! I'm prepping to take a motorized bike trip with my huffy cranbrook either in May or June From Philadelphia To Atlantic city.. I'm kinda iffy about using my current 2 stroke engine and I was told a 4 stroke would be the way to go for such a trip. Could you guys Recommend any...
  3. cmb271

    My third build : Doing it right

    My previous motorized bicycle builds where poorly thought out and built but due to some circumstances I'm currently facing I've decided to renew my interest into motorized bicycles since I'm 100% positive my car insurance company hates my guts and plans to drop me the moment they can (I was in a...