loss of power

  1. B

    Performance loss .... HELP !!!

    So it all started when a screw for my exhaust broke inside the cylinder I tried to remove it every way possible, sadly it didn't work. I then got a replacement one online, when installing it I tightened it to much to the point that the cylinder head cracked. Unaware I tried to ride it and ended...
  2. F

    Engine Trouble Loss of power???

    So I bought a Chinese 80/66cc engine off of Ebay, and it ran fine, I got it up to 40 mph. After break-in, I changed the carb out from the stock one to the hp one, and also added a boost bottle. When I started riding, It wouldn't go above 20 mph and the acceleration was super slow compared to...
  3. akiem

    Engine Bogging down with no power under throttle

    Hey guys, I'm kinda new to the scene here but just a couple months ago, i purchased a cheap chinese model 49cc 2 stroke kit for my bicycle. I need it for my daily commute to work etc. Well, it ran perfect for about a month. Then, i started having carb trouble. First, i lost my idle screw...